Protoje is ‘Anti Dub’

Reggae artiste, Protoje

Reggae artiste Protoje has joined the growing list of artistes expressing their displeasure at their colleagues for voicing dubs for political campaigns. His statement, however, came in the form of a dub, which he aptly titled Self Defence Anti Dub.

No politician can’t beg no dubplate from mi/ Dem can’t use my voice none a tall,” he sings.

Hailing dancehall veteran Bounty Killer for first taking a stance against these political dubs, Protoje reiterated claims that politicians only support the music industry when it’s beneficial to them.

How much time di music dem attack? We can’t keep dance more than four times a week, and dem wah lock it off 12 o’clock/ So youth be wise cause a dem blame the music seh violence is rooted in dancehall or trap/ Well if that’s the case what’s the excuse you will use now, a bare dubplates dem a drop,” he sings.

Protoje believes the money spent to commission dubplates could be used to better the lives of Jamaican people.

Yow a mussi joke, how man a starve yet dubplate a voice like a world clash gwaaning.”

However, the Royalty artiste did clarify that he is not passing judgement on any artiste who has already voiced a dub for a politician for the upcoming election.

“If the Stone Naa touch you please don’t squeal. Naa judge no artist for being involved, this a just my argument for me, let’s debate!!,” he wrote.