Protoje says Lisa Hanna ‘spat bars’ during viral interview

Entertainment has always had a place in politics, particularly Jamaica’s.

Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna

Following four-term Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna’s sit-down interview on Television Jamaica’s All Angles last evening, one moment stands out that even reggae star Protoje agrees was thoroughly entertaining.

Hanna, who is running for president of the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP), was asked about her narrow win, in what was considered a safe seat, in her St Ann South Eastern constituency.

Her reply is one that will go down one of the in the annals of political history.

Without missing a beat and in all seriousness, Hanna replied, “It’s not about a margin because if 32 of us did win by 32 votes we would be skinning our 32 teeth right now because we’d be in government. It really is about leadership.”

The PNP lost the September 3 General Election in a wipe-out that saw the party retain only 14 seats in the 63-member Parliament.

Protoje, known as a brilliant lyricist himself, shared on Twitter, “If 32 of us did win by 32 votes we would be skinning our 32 teeth. Not go lie those are BARS!!!”

The sentiment was shared by many on the platform including one who said “Lisa = artiste of the year”.

Hanna will face-off against Mark Golding for leadership of the PNP in a special delegates conference scheduled for November 7.