Protoje says merch coming for ‘In Search of Lost Time’

Protoje’s latest project In Search of Lost Time has received rave reviews since its release on August 28 but the artiste says there’s more coming.

Protoje has revealed there’s merchandise coming for his recent album.

The Like Royalty singer shared the news in reply to a fan earlier today, October 4.

It began when Protoje tweeted, “why when me write new song me haffi listen to it 500 time. I’m HYPED”.

The fan seemingly understood the artiste’s predicament as she said people feel the same way when he releases new music, adding ‘If I had In Serach of Lost Time on vinyl I’d have worn down the tracks already!”

That’s when Protoje revealed that a vinyl version, and more, is in fact coming.

“Vinyls and Cd’s and merch and all these things are coming, just wanted to focus on the music digitally first,” he said adding “The Vinyls are beautiful.”