Pssst! You should be wearing Hombreeccentric

Steven Morgan is poised for greatness in the fashion industry with his clothing line Hombreecentric. He is known by many as Stevywho, the man famous for his bold outfits.

Just last year, after entering the Campari Pop Style fashion exhibition, he won a cash reward of $100,000 for most stylish male.

The 26-year-old Morgan is no novice to the fashion world. He is always challenging the norms with his interesting looks.

Hombreecentric presents an authentic and fresh outlook to Jamaica’s fashion ecosystem. The brand caters to both sexes with a unique look that sets it apart from other clothing lines.

Morgan told BUZZthat the idea to start a clothing line emerged during a discussion with a friend.

Hombreeccentric boss Steven ‘Stevywho’ Morgan

The four-year-old company recently dropped its summer collection which is a fusion of pop culture and trendy colours.

He also revealed his newest unisex design. This draws inspiration from rap icon Nicki Minaj with neon colours which are the hottest trend for the summer.

Morgan’s eye for fashion was formed when he was a child. His parents where known within their community as the most impresstive dressers.

Hombreecentric has been gaining wide notoriety as a growing number of social media influences sport the brand. Singer Jada Kingdom is a fervent supporter of the brand.

Morgan said that while much is expected of his brand, the fashion world has no idea of the greatness that’s about to come.

Story written by Andre Cooper