Quada shows off his acrobatic skills

Dancehall artiste Quada

Dancehall artiste Quada is known for his lyrical prowess but it seems that the St Thomas native has some other skills in his arsenal. Just recently the Hail artiste shared a video on his Instagram account of him, seemingly at a villa, moving about on his hands before flipping into a nearby swimming pool.

It seems like the artiste was among friends enjoying himself when he decided to show off this particular skill set much to the amusement of those around him.

His exploits also drew a slew of comments as persons reacted to it on social media. Songbird Lila Ike was among those commenting when she remarked “lmaoooo the man walk pon him han go inna the pool a Wah this man”

Another person wrote “B–bo, time to sign up for the Olympics while another quipped “enjoy lyfe mi had” unde his post. Despite Quada’s pending legal issues, the artiste is still putting on an unfazed front. He has however continued to deliver new music such as tracks like Shame Dem and Day One.