Quarantine and Chill with D’Angel

On March 10, 2020 Jamaica confirmed its first case of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The government, in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus ordered citizens who can, to stay home. This was a fast and drastic change in the way of life of the Jamaican people. Known worldwide for our “vibes” and love of entertaining, being ‘quarantined’ at home would definitely be a huge adjustment. So, here at BUZZ, we thought we’d check in with our favourite personalities to find out how they are handling being stuck inside.

The First Lady of Dancehall, D’Angel is at home, but she isn’t exactly ‘chilling’. When she’s not helping to home school her son, she’s out with her Angels foundation donating food packages to people in her home parish of St Catherine. Other times, she’s ‘socially’ entertaining her fans, and working on new music. Here’s what else she’s been doing.

Dancehall artiste, D’Angel

BUZZ: What is your morning quarantine routine?

D’Angel: My routine in the morning usually starts with preparing breakfast for my son and getting him ready for online classes.

BUZZ: Which series have you been bingeing on?

D’Angel: I’ve been bingeing on ‘Shameless’.

BUZZ: What’s your go-to quarantine snack?

D’Angel: I’ve pretty much been snacking on Honey Bun donuts and Goldie, but I also like cheese curls.

D’Angel ‘The Fashion Teacher’

BUZZ: What has the homeschooling experiencing been like for you?

D’Angel: Home schooling experience is a bit different. But we have adjusted and Marco is doing great, we work together with the teachers to stay on the task.

BUZZ: How do you keep updated with news about coronavirus?

D’Angel: I usually watch the news or get it from social media. Everywhere everything these days is about coronavirus.

BUZZ: If you were Prime Minister of Jamaica right now, what’s one thing that you would do to help curb the spread of the virus?

D’Angel: I’d continue to have people working from home and encourage employers to implement the necessary steps to ensure their staff can operate in their personal environment. Globalization is happening and the future is now, the days of face to face interaction in many work place are absolete.

BUZZ: What do you do to cope being locked inside?

D’Angel: I’m quite busy at home creating new and exciting content with my producer Wray Allen to keep my fans engaged. I’ve also released three brand new tracks that is currently in rotation and available on all digital musical platforms.

D’Angel has been kepping her fans ‘socially’ entertained with videos of her cooking.

BUZZ: You have managed to raise over quarter million dollars to help with COVID-19 fight. How important is it for Jamaicans to come together and help out?

D’Angel: Angels foundation has been a big part of giving back and especially in this time where persons loosing their jobs and unemployment is on the rise. I had no choice than to continue helping the needy and the less fortunate. There are cries everywhere, so my foundation along with a few sponsors will continue to make a difference. Let me acknowledge our title sponsor Honey Bun for coming on board 100 per cent.

Giving back has always been a huge part of who D’Angel is

BUZZ: What do you miss most about being able to go outside?

D’Angel: I miss performing and interacting with the fans that’s something I’m so looking forward to, but for now I’ll keep them socially entertained.

BUZZ: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when lock down measures are permanently lifted?

Can the beaches be opened already?

D’Angel: First thing I will be doing is heading straight to the beach. The things we take for granted become the hardest thing to touch and feel these days so beach it will be, enjoying Jamaica.