Quarantine and Chill with Indie Allen

On March 10, 2020 Jamaica confirmed its first case of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The government, in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus ordered citizens who can, to stay home. This was a fast and drastic change in the way of life of the Jamaican people. Known worldwide for our “vibes” and love of entertaining, being ‘quarantined’ at home would definitely be a huge adjustment. So, here at BUZZ, we thought we’d check in with our favourite personalities to find out how they are handling being stuck inside.

From making new music, and indulging in the fun and addictive world of TikTok, here’s what soulful reggae artiste and songwriter Indie Allen has been doing with his time inside.

Reggae artiste, Indie Allen

BUZZ: What’s your morning quarantine routine?

Indie Allen: The morning can’t nice without devotion or meditation and some mint tea, freshen up, then I pick a beat that a producer has sent me or I produce something from scratch, I write to it, then record. 

The music creation don’t stop

BUZZ: What’s your go-to quarantine snack?

Indie Allen: My quarantine snack is Ramen cup noodles whenever I am recording and I don’t want to stop to go cook.

BUZZ: Have you being bored enough to try TikTok yet?

Indie Allen: Yes, I joined the growing family of TikTok, my name on there is IndieAllenmusic. I was challenged to do the ‘Climax’ Usher challenge and that’s how I ended up on there pretty much. I started liking the app, it’s funny lol.

Talk about range!

BUZZ: What are your three quarantine must-haves?

Indie Allen: My recording equipment is essential, I can’t do without that. The second thing is FOOD, and last, but not least, the INTERNET. 

BUZZ: How do you keep updated with news about coronavirus?

Indie Allen: I get Twitter updates from the “Honourable bro gad”, and that’s about it. I don’t feed into the rest of sources because my mental health is important to me, especially as a creative I can’t cloud my heavens with the constant bombardment, I think that evokes fear and I  don’t need a bit of that, I have faith that the Almighty God will keep us protected in these times as my new release Protected reiterates. 

Maintaining a clear mind is crucial for this creative

Indie for Prime Minister?

BUZZ: If you were Prime Minister of Jamaica right now, what’s one thing that you would do to help curb the spread of the virus?

Indie Allen: I would implement work from home facilitation for all sectors that can accommodate it. A lot of people going on the road to do work that can be  done from home, but there is no facilitation for it. Nobody should be risking their safety going in physically in the BPO industry when everyone uses a computer in this workspace, this work and like many others can be done from home.

When, when, when, when, shall we go outside again?

BUZZ: What do you do to cope being locked inside?

Quality family time

Indie Allen: I create, I have fun, spend time with my family, connect with friends, Netflix, read, tune into webinars. I haven’t felt like I’ve been locked inside because nothing has changed for my days I would have used as downtime, if there were no tour or shows to prepare for. I would have been home relaxing or at the studio creating so it’s pretty much the same for me all in one. 

BUZZ: What was your favourite quarantine challenge?

Indie Allen: That would have to be the Usher ‘Climax’ challenge, that’s the only thing I can think of, the other stuff didn’t interest me at all

BUZZ: What do you miss most about being able to go outside?

Indie Allen really misses performing for you guys

Indie Allen: Doing shows for a audience in real life, travelling to different countries to perform, and spending time with friends at the beach. I really miss the beach when there was no curfew. I can spend an entire day, that’s bliss right there. 

BUZZ: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when these lock down measures are permanently lifted?

Indie Allen: Take a wild guess, (LOL!) I will spend an entire day at the beach from 8 am to 8 pm. Quality time worth sharing with the ones you love are some of the values I hold dare to me.