Quarantine and Chill with Russhaine ‘Dutty Berry’ Berry

On March 10, 2020 Jamaica confirmed its first case of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The government, in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus ordered citizens who can, to stay home. This was a fast and drastic change in the way of life of the Jamaican people. Known worldwide for our “vibes” and love of entertaining, being ‘quarantined’ at home would definitely be a huge adjustment. So, here at BUZZ, we thought we’d check in with our favourite personalities to find out how they are handling being stuck inside.

Some days, being locked inside the house can get a bit tedious for YouTuber, Russhaine “Dutty Berry” Berry. Other days he’s feeding on Miss Birdie crackers and filming hilarious TikTok videos. Here’s what else he’s been up to while being stuck inside.

BUZZ: What do you miss most about being outside?

Dutty Berry: Doing videos and covering events

BUZZ: What’s your go to quarantine snack?

Dutty Berry: Miss Birdie crackers

BUZZ: What’s your binge series of choice?

Dutty Berry: My Wife and Kids 

BUZZ:What do you do to cope with the uncertainties of this time?

Keeping in touch

Dutty Berry: I try to talk to a few friends for at least 30 minutes every day.

BUZZ: What are your three quarantine must haves?

Dutty Berry: Wifi, Fridge stocked with Food, Netflix

BUZZ: Which artiste/song are you currently jamming to?

Dutty Berry: Every and any popular song on Tiktok. I only jam to the 15 seconds I see in the vids

Have you seen any of Dutty Berry’s TikTok videos yet?

BUZZ: How do you stay in touch with friends and family?
Dutty Berry: Facetime calls, Zoom, and an app called House Party

BUZZ: If you were Prime Minister of Jamaica right now, what’s one thing that you would do to help curb the spread of the virus? 

Dutty Berry: I would just put measures in place where you have no choice but to comply or face a fine. But Jamaicans will do what they want until they see a major outbreak so this one is bigger than the PM.

BUZZ: What’s one healthy habit that you’ve picked up while being quarantined?

Dutty Berry: Having more discussions about my mental health and checking in with close friends and family.

BUZZ: How has being quarantined impacted your creative process? 

Dutty Berry: It has been a struggle. Some days are awful… unable to focus because my mind is thinking about a possible outbreak or things never returning to ‘normal’ soon.  Usually, I just step away from the news and social media and then return when I am in better spirits . This helps me to return to a state in which I can make my YouTube videos.