Quarantine Radio and OnlyFans partnership coming soon

Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez (Photo: Revolt TV)

It looks like rapper Tory Lanez’s popular Instagram Live series, Quarantine Radio, will be partnering with OnlyFans soon.

Lanez went on an Instagram Live and hinted about the collaboration with his fans. “I’mma say this once, and it’s only for the amount of people that are in here, don’t make this hot,” Tory said. “Quarantine Radio After Dark, OnlyFans. No guidelines, at all. That’s all I gotta say.” he said.

Lanez’s Quarantine Radio was started a few months ago as way to entertain and engage with fans. It has featured talent shows, twerking competitions, and giveaways. A lot of Instagram Live came to mirror Quarantine Radio.

However, it was briefly suspended by Instagram due to the nature of some of its content. So it’ll be interesting to find out what the ‘no guidelines’ partnership with the popular adult entertainment platform, OnlyFans will be like.