Quavo didn’t take back Bentley he bought his ex, Saweetie

Saweetie was pretty excited about this Bentley

Forget what you heard, rapper Quavo did not repossess the Bentley he bought ex-girlfriend, Saweetie for Christmas.

According to TMZ, that rumour is false. The outlet’s sources directly connected to Quavo said the rapper didn’t repossess the Bentley, and anything suggesting otherwise is a lie.

So in case you’ve been under a rock since this weekend, allow us to bring you up to speed.

So Saweetie and Quavo, otherwise known as #RelationshipGoals, broke up, and it was as public as their relationship.

Saweetie suggested that Quavo wasn’t faithful to her, and Quavo apparently was “disappointed” in Saweetie. Now after Saweetie told him to “Take care” on Twitter, the rumour mill started grinding.

People started to take as fact the narrative that Quavo had taken back the beautiful white Bentley he had bought as an early Christmas gift for her. According to that story, he leased it and never put it in Saweetie’s name. A deal he struck with the dealership allowed him to end the contract early, which he’s alleged to have done in the wake of their split. 

It went on to claim that Quavo sent the Repo Man out to Saweetie’s home in the wee hours of the morning to take the car back.

Guess now we know that that is not true. I mean, I think we would have at least seen a video of that happening, don’t you?