Raheem Sterling gets into real estate

Football superstar Raheem Sterling is rotten rich by any standard but that has not stopped him for moving to further enhance himself financially.

The Manchester City and England player is said to have bought six new two-bedroom houses in a section of Greater Manchester called Stockport for £166,000 each.

The project is being undertaken not only by Raheem but also his fiancee Paige Milian, after whom the venture is named, Milian Property Group Limited.

With this investment, the couple has decided on a rental price of £750 a month which would provide a gross income of £4500 if all of the houses are rented at the same time.

Paige who is the mother of Raheem’s son revealed on social media that she had completed her qualifications in property development in 2018. They decided on these houses for now but the aim is to add more properties in the future.

Well done guys!