Raheem Sterling talks Clarks, love for Jamaica ahead of Wallabee Boot launch

Raheem Sterling’s collaboration with Clarks has sent many fans of the brand and footballer into overdrive ahead of the latest design launch.

Raheem Sterling holding a foot of the Wallabee Boot. (Photo: Instagram @clarksoriginals)

The Wallabee Boot launch is scheduled for September 3, the result of a collaborative effort between the two to create a “special product inspired by his Jamaican roots”, Clarks said.

In a promotional video, Sterling says Jamaican culture has had a significant impact on his life. Coming from Maverley, the Manchester City star he laughs most when he visits Jamaica. “There’s always that energy that rubs off onto you that people are smiling and just creating a great energy to be around.”

The Man City star said he laughs the most when he visits Jamaica. (Photo:TalkSPORT)

Regarding his partnership with Clarks and its Jamaican significance, Sterling said “I don’t think there’s another shoe, another trainer, another classical shoe that can come anywhere near Clarks in Jamaica. That’s like the ultimate.

“That’s like if you’re going to a wedding someone’s got Clarks on. If you’re going to a birthday party, someone’s got Clarks on. If you’re going to the biggest event in Jamaica, you’re going to have 70 per cent of the people having Clarks on.”

He added that Clarks represents Jamaica, and its culture, particularly the success of its people in global markets such as Europe. “If you went to the UK, and came back to Jamaica not bringing a barrel full of Clarks I don’t think you’d have been allowed to step foot back on the island.”

The Wallabee Boot will be available at Shoe Gallery in Kingston, Jamaica, and at Size Official, ‪Clarks.co.uk and Berwick Street Store in the United Kingdom.