Ramble Media Corp. launches its first digital media platform with BUZZ

The BUZZ team

Ramble Media Corporation, an affiliate of the Jamaica Observer/ ATL/ Sandals Group of Companies, has launched its first media service.

A pan-Caribbean media group, Ramble Media Corporation promises to inform, connect and showcase the vibrant, colourful nature of the Caribbean through its new digital media network.

Deputy Chairman Adam Stewart said: “Ramble Media Corporation is an exciting new venture and marks our  presence in the digital media landscape in a big way. 

Adam Stewart

It yet again demonstrates our confidence as a dynamic organisation willing and able to invest in different sectors, always creating world-class offerings that are positioned in the Caribbean servicing the needs of its people. BUZZ is fresh, vibrant and sets a new standard in digital news.

BUZZ, the first of its digital platforms, aims to celebrate, entertain and inform today’s generation. It mirrors this generation’s current online and social media behaviour, appealing to the need for more visually rich and concise storytelling. Our readers can expect edgy, fun and revolutionary stories from across the world.

Ramble Media Corp will also be introducing additional content services in the near future, which will further enhance our regional network.

With a management team comprised of Caribbean expertise in content, marketing, sales, operations and technology, working closely with contributors from across the region, Ramble Media Corporation proudly adheres to its mission statement: “TO SHOWCASE AND CONNECT THROUGH DIGITAL MEDIA, CARIBBEAN PEOPLE, WHEREVER THEY MAY BE.”

Hon. Gordon “Butch” Stewart

Chairman Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart : “With Ramble Media Corporation, we continue to grow our presence in the media industry by always looking ahead and taking an innovative approach to how we operate.

Ramble Media Corporation will provide many opportunities for people across the Caribbean and that in itself is good news. As a group of companies that has its beginnings in the Caribbean, we are very proud of the region and will do all we can to contribute to its growth.

We welcome Ramble Media Corporation to the Group and do hope that people across the Caribbean enjoy BUZZ and future digital products and services.

Ramble Media Corporation’s CEO, Al Edwards, expressed great pride and gratitude in the team’s ability to come together and deliver this new digital experience.

Al Edwards

“It is an honour to be part of a group of companies that for more than half a century has always championed the Caribbean and its people. Innovation, professionalism and taking a daring approach has always been its hallmarks,” he said.

“We at Ramble Media Corporation intend to emulate that credo, established and maintained by our Chairman the Honourable Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart,” he added.