Rasta or nah, Spragga Benz says he’s not beneath the clapback

Spragga Benz

Jamaican deejay Spragga Benz is aware that his fame accompanies the role model title and other responsibilities, but it doesn’t mean he’ll turn the other cheek if he’s disrespected.

The Rasta Run the World artiste recently made time for an online troll who targeted his family and legacy. It started because of a photo he shared of his mother, in which he described her as a Maroon, and went on to liken her to Nanny, one of the group’s most revered leaders.

The caption attracted a comment by someone who said he should use the term Ashanti instead of Maroon. He accepted the comment, explaining in a video, “Yeah, that’s not new information to me still so cool. But we a work wid Maroon same way just like how we know seh we are not black or we are not ni**as but we still work wid it same way.”

Another user wrote that the Maroons were sellouts, to which he disagreed and a back-and-forth ensued. The artiste, who was resolute and passionate about his beliefs, apologised to the person if his delivery was perceived as harsh. It seemed to be a mature conversation with opposing views until another person joined the thread.

“Reading through some more things mi see how this person a disrespect me, a disrespect mi whole history, a disrespect mi son, a disrespect mi mother, all sort a things just because dem feel like mi seh something wrong to this person who commented on my post about my mother.”

He added that the person called him a sissy for responding to the comments, but Spragga Benz said he was being kind by engaging people.

“All along mi feel like is a woman me’d a talk to that’s why me even a answer cause mi nuh trace wid man and more time because you is so calm people feel like dem can step pon you,” he said. “Not because man nice and easy and seh Rastafari feel seh unno can come walk pon me and hide behind unno computer screen. And it nuh matter how bad or how many people unno kill neither, unno feel like unno can come disrespect this? It nah go work. So sometimes we might tek it for being the better person. Who know better, do better, but sometimes mi nuh know better neither.”