Ravers Rock is for everyone

Ding Dong has released a new video and single – Ravers Rock – urging everyone to lean back and rock at the behest of Ravers Clan member, Donte Ravers.

Image result for ding dong ravers rock

The song which is done as a collab with Qraig from Voicemail, and produced by Romeich Entertainment, comes with a bubbly vibe which is certain to induce a party mood in anyone. As Ding Dong says, “it coulda be dancehall or Calypso” explaining that anyone can do it.

The song has made its debut with a music video in which all the Ravers clan is seen doing the new dance. The moves look easy to catch and should be a breeze even for those inclined to dance.

The song is basically just asking persons to put aside their feelings and just dance – move your hands and feet.

We’re doing the Ravers Rock straight into Christmas Ding Dong!