Ray Isaacs releases Chemical Warfare

Reggae singer Ray Isaacs has documented the varied experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic in his latest release, Chemical Warfare. The one-drop number, produced by Anotha 1 Productions, differs from the several quarantine-themed singles that have been released since the coronavirus was first confirmed in Jamaica on March 10.

“I think different from everybody, I’m singing Chemical Warfare cause that’s what’s going on now,” Isaacs told BUZZ. “There’s a lyric in it that states: Over 500,000 victims, where’s the cure? It’s still pending? It’s all about what’s going on and since the release today it has been getting great feedback. The sky is the limit with this song so I want it to get in everybody’s ears.”

The coronavirus was first reported in China late last year, and has since been confirmed among seven million people worldwide, with almost half a million reported deaths. Isaacs chronicles the spread of the virus and its impact, from the social restrictions and reports of inhuman treatment of patients exhibiting flu-like symptoms, to the engendered quarantine culture and sanitization practices.

Isaacs, like many others, is hoping the faceless virus will come to an end soon, and shared that he had several plans for 2020.

“If it wasn’t for the lockdown I’d be touring; I’d be in Canada, Africa and England,” he said. “I think I’ve been writing more since quarantine, that’s all I do days on top of days because I’ve received rhythms to work on. In that sense, it’s not really a setback cause I will always have songs to release, but I need the world to get back to normal.”

Isaacs, the nephew of reggae’s ‘Cool Ruler’ Gregory Isaacs, is also readying covers in honour of his uncle.