Razor B returns with ‘Pepper Sauce’, says he used hiatus for self improvement

Dancehall artiste Razor B is back with a single he anticipates will be a hit among female dancehall fans.

After taking a break from the music scene, Razor B said the time off was strategic as he used the occasion to work on himself.

Razor B shared that sometimes it’s important to take a step back and focus on self development as it can improve the quality of work put out by an artiste.

“Me not releasing new songs for a minute is strategic, I have been focused on me. Busy working out, working on vocals and waiting for the right vibe,” Razor B explained

“ I don’t put out songs a dime a dozen for the sake of releasing music. I want what I put out there to be of good quality and have the potential for longevity, ” he added.

As for his new single entitled, “Pepper Sauce” he said he believes it is the kind  of tune that is needed in the dancehall space at this time.

“People are tired of hearing bad news, curfews, lockdown and stress. This song makes you forget all that and get up and dance,” Razor B said .

“It is aimed at releasing all stress and make all listeners feel happy,” Razor B added.

 Razor B further shared that his wife was the major inspiration behind the track, noting that it was in having conversations with her that he came up with the concept for the song .

“My wife and I were having a conversation and she kept coming up with spicy answers… I told her she is hot like Pepper Sauce. It was sealed from there,” Razor B said.

The Pepper Sauce single is recorded on the Donkey Cart Riddim produced by GQ for his QG Production label.

Razor B believes his single stands out on the project based on his high energy lyrics and the songs concept.

The fun bouncy beat and catchy lyrics of Pepper Sauce can be seen as the next prospective hit for the artiste who is known for creating massive tracks for the ladies.

Since bursting on to the scene in 2015, fans have enjoyed hits such as Hot Up, Up In Deh and Bruk Back which are some of Razor B’s hits