R&B singer YK Osiris to return to Jamaica next week to meet with Jah Vinci

R&B singer YK Osiris left Jamaica today but he’s not finished embracing the culture.

The 22-year-old says he’s returning next week and has plans to link up with dancehall singer Jah Vinci. The latter appeared on Osiris’ debut album The Golden Child (2019) on the track Closer.

The singer was on Instagram Live today as he was readying to make his way to the airport when Jah Vinci joined the Live.

The American artist welcomed the Virgin hitmaker by singing one of his hits, Baby Girl I’m Alone.

Jah Vinci

As they exchanged pleasantries, Osiris mentioned he’s touching down in Kingston next week and that the two should meet up.

“Dem keep on a ask mi if we nah go do a song. I tell dem seh we did that sh*t already bro,” said Jah Vinci.

Osiris replied, “We gotta do something else, we gotta do something crazy. Me and you gotta do a hit, we doing hits. We doing a video in Jamaica, in Kingston.”

After a couple “bup bups” here and “bumbocl**ts” there, Osiris referred to Jah Vinci as family, and the feeling was clearly mutual.

“Yeah man,” Jah Vinci agreed. “When mi inna Atlanta di dawg treat mi good. We pull up and we vibe, you naah mean. We go inna di studio, hold a vibe.”

In a 2019 Apple interview about their collaboration, Osiris said his love for Jamaican culture is longstanding.

“I love reggae. For me, going to that culture shows versatility. Like, nobody doing that right now at my age. Jah Vinci, he’s from Jamaica. My dad is into Jamaican culture.”

The singer came to Jamaica to treat his secret boo to a Valentine’s getaway at an over-the-water bungalow at Sandals South Coast. He quickly went viral on the national circuit with his ‘overnight island boy’ antics delivered with his adaptation of the Jamaican creole.