RDX running the streets with ‘Pro Box’

The Toyota Pro Box is in demand among taximen in Jamaica, and RDX has added to the popularity of the vehicle with a new song.

RDX is pleased with the response to their Pro Box track.

The track, which is called Pro Box, was produced by Louie V Music and has been receiving lots of airplay since its release recently.

It has also found favour with cabbies in Jamaica.

“The taxi operators are often neglected. They work hard and deserve to have some positive attention too. The song was selected by the Pro Box Nation, which is a group of operators that host events together and share a strong brotherly bond,” said Renigade of RDX.

“We are getting videos daily of taxi operators playing the song and endorsing it.”

— Delomar from RDX

The Pro Box is a five-door, four-seater light commercial car produced by Toyota since 2002 while the Nissan AD wagon, also mentioned in the single, is a subcompact vehicle.

“Pro Box vehicles are very popular, but we had no idea this song would have garnered so much attention in such a short time. We are getting videos daily of taxi operators playing the song and endorsing it,” added Delomar of RDX.

When contacted, a member of the Pro Box Nation said: “RDX are hitmakers, and when they say Pro Box, they talk to us directly, so this is the anthem for all of us. They even gave us a free dub of the song, so you know how real these artistes are.”

An animated video for Pro Box is now on YouTube, but the dancehall duo expects to release the official music video for the song in April.