Real rich! Amazon founder Jeff Bezos now worth US$171.6 billion

In a time when many have seen their fortunes sink due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos continues to rake it in!

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is has seen his wealth increase to US$171.6 billion.

Bezos saw his net worth soar to an astounding US$171.6 billion today, July 1. And that’s after he relinquished US$34 billion and to his ex-wife Mackenzie Bezos in a divorce that saw her acquire a four per cent stake in e-commerce giant, Amazon last year.

Bezos’s new worth tops his previous peak of $167.7 billion set in September 2018, and comes as his company has seen its stock soar.

While other companies have suffered, Amazon has seen its fortunes increase as more people rely on online shopping while in quarantine.

Amazon’s stock has increased to a record high as people stuck in quarantine have had to rely on the e-commerce giant more.

Amazon’s stock reached a new peak of US$2,878.70 per share.

While Bezos has seen his fortune grown by US$56.7 billion in 2020, Mackenzie’s has also increased to US$56.9 billion, making her one of the 15 richest people in the world.

Most of Jeff Bezos’s wealth is tied to his 11 per cent stake in Amazon.