Real rich! Is Rvssian giving away his ‘extra’ PS5?

Music producer, Rvssian

If you’re feeling down because you’re too broke to afford the PS5, here’s some news that will potentially cheer you up. Music producer Rvssian bought all of two of the coveted gaming consolex and is apparently giving away one.

We gotta say, we are impressed with the spirit of giving that has possessed our local celebrities recently. Buju Banton, fresh off his controversial mask comment, donated laptops and computers to two children’s homes. The ‘Princess of Dancehall’ Shenseea donated 100 tablets to students across Jamaica to assist them with their online classes. Her Romeich Entertainment colleague, Ding Dong followed suit and donated some tablets too.

We then had their manager, Romeich calling for more people to pitch in and donate tablets to needy kids. We don’t know who responded to that call, but the initiative was very touching.

It was some version of that ‘kindness’ bug that bit Rvssian too. Posing in the trunk of his vehicle, a PS5 in hand, and one underarm, the hitmaker teased his one million Instagram followers with the idea that he might be giving away the “extra” gaming console.

” PS5 😈 who wants the extra one? 💭🤔?” he asked.

Of course, his comments were immediately flooded with people, begging to be chosen.

“Me nigga I need one bad 😂,” one fan commented.

“Give mi suh mi can give mi man n make him think a me buy it,” another said.

“If rich was a person,” someone pointed out.