Recording Academy unveils date for Grammy Awards show

By January next year, the world should have gotten the coronavirus under control. At least that’s the impression the Recording Academy is giving us. It has optimistically announced the date for the 64th annual Grammy Awards, which will be at its original Staples Centre venue on January 31, 2022.

It will take place on a Monday, and as usual, will be broadcasted live on the CBS television network.

This announcement was made just over two weeks after the 2021 Grammy awards show was broadcasted.

The show, which the organisers managed to pull off in the midst of a pandemic, saw its viewership fall dramatically.

The show only managed to pull 8.8 million viewers, in contrast with 18.69 million viewers in 2020. Its rating among adults 18-49, a prized group for advertisers, was 2.1 when compared to 5.4 in final ratings for last year’s performance. 

A day leading up to the show, R&B singer, The Weeknd had called for a boycott.