Red Rat claims Greensleeves is not acting on his behalf in Chris Brown lawsuit

Dancehall artiste Red Rat

Dancehall deejay Red Rat is now contending that Greensleeves and the individuals involved in the US$1.5 million lawsuit against R&B superstar Chris Brown have not been authorized by the deejay to act on his behalf or his interests.

He posted a statement on his Instagram account today, saying:  “Greensleeves and the individuals involved in the lawsuit against Mr. Brown are not and have not been authorized by myself or anyone acting on my behalf to represent my interest. They do so without proper grounds to act.”

Greensleeves is suing Chris Brown and his Manhattan-based record label Sony Music Entertainment for $US1.5 million, alleging that Brown interpolated lyrics from the track Tight Up Skirt to create the Privacy single and music video, which were released in 2017.

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However, the UK-based music publishing company did not name Red Rat as a claimant in the lawsuit.

Tight Up Skirt was recorded in 1997 by Red Rat and produced by Andrew Bradford for the Opera House label.  

Red Rat, whose real name is Wallace Wilson, is a dancehall deejay who is known for his signature “Oh No!” catchphrase. He racked up several big hits like Shelly-Ann, Big Man, Dwayne, and Little Youth featuring Goofy during his heyday with Main Street Records.