Reemus K and father Sizzla to drop first collab on Sunday

As a teen, singer Reemus K would spend hours hanging out at his dad’s (Sizzla Kalonji) Judgement Yard studios in August Town, St Andrew.

Reemus K made his recording debut in 2016.

It was there that he was first introduced to the world of music production, and Reemus now runs his own label, Korrection Music. The imprint is behind Decision, the first collaboration between Reemus and his pops, which is scheduled for release on Sunday.

“I can feel the powerful energy from our voices on the song.”

— Reemus K

Speaking to BUZZ about the upcoming single, Reemus credited Sizzla as the song’s inspiration.

“He has always been talking that we must do a collab. I knew it was possible, it just had to be the right timing,” he said. “We did productions together when he was making instrumentals of his own, but recording a song with him is an unexplainable feeling. I can feel the powerful energy from our voices on the song.”

Positive music

Sizzla Kalonji

Decision complements the positive music Reemus has based his career on since making his recording debut in 2016. Despite the traction the single could possibly receive because of his superstar dad as the feature, Reemus has humble expectations.

“The song is based on world peace; we’re tired of the bad things that’s been happening, and I know there can still be a chance towards the people,” he said.

“In this world that we are living in, it’s either you are one of the bad persons who are trying to make things worse or the good that’s trying to recover the world from what it’s facing. I’m hoping the song reaches out to all persons on Earth so they get the message.”