Reggae artiste Bugle and manager get gear from ATL Autobahn

Reggae star Bugle (left) and his manager Shelly-Ann Curran (right), receiving their gift packages from Jeanel Bowla, sales manager — BMW Jamaica.

It was a good day for Reggae star Bugle as his and manager Shelly-Ann Curran who received a surprise stash of swag from his favourite automotive brand, BMW courtesy of local dealers ATL Autobahn, at his Havendale home studio recently.

“It feels good to be getting all this because I spend a lot of money with BMW, not just on the car, but on BMW stuff,” said Bugle.

A long-time BMW owner and customer of ATL Autobahn, Bugle garnered further attention when he appeared in his My Life music video decked out in BMW branded gear. The handover was delivered in person by Jeanel Bowla, sales manager — BMW Jamaica, and members of her team.

“On behalf of the BMW Jamaica team we wanted to thank Bugle for supporting our brand as seen in his recent video,” she explained.

Bugle explained that the appearance of the BMW gear in his music video wasn’t something planned, but happened organically from his own sense of style.

Bugle gets some lens time with Anya McGlashan, sales executive — BMW Jamaica and the 2021 BMW 335i

“I don’t like to wear the same thing dat everyone else is wearing, so when mi find something mi comfortable inna and mi nuh see everyone inna it mi a go endorse it. An mi nah put it out because mi a try hype or nuthin, is because it’s my comfort. Mi feel good inna it, so mi tek a picture, post it, put it on and shoot a video. Mi really comfortable wearing the BMW gear,” said the reggae star.

For Bugle, the acknowledgement was unexpected but welcomed as he explained his affinity for the brand came from his childhood circumstances.

“So the thing with being a ghetto yute is that almost all of us dream to drive and own a BMW.”

That dream became Bugle’s reality in 2010 when he bought his first BMW, a 335i, as a birthday gift to himself. More importantly, he wasn’t disappointed. A self-professed lover of speed he was more than happy with the performance, handling, and braking of his 3 Series sedan.

: Bugle featured his love for the BMW brand by wearing his BMW branded gear in his recent My Life music video.

“Sometimes yuh buy a car because yuh like how it look, yuh excited about it, when you drive it two time yuh a say a dis mi did really excited bout, but not with the BMW,” explained Bugle.

Bugle shared that he has no plans to switch to another manufacturer. He’s not looking to replace his loved 335i, yet, but said the new BMW M8 has caught his eye.

For 2021 Bugle has been busy preparing to release his fourth studio album, Toxicity. The fourteen-track album sees collaborations with the likes of Bounty Killer and Julian Marley, while the title track Toxic, is set for release soon. The release will be accompanied by a music video potentially featuring a current BMW vehicle.