Reggae artistes express outrage at alleged trimming of Rastafarian woman in police custody

Reggae artistes Chronixx (left) Tarrus Riley (right)

Several members of the Rastafarian community in Jamaica have expressed their outrage at the situation that recently unfolded when a young girl allegedly had her locks forcibly removed by a police officer.

Reports are that nineteen-year-old Princess Nzinga Candice King was trimmed on Thursday, July 22nd, while in custody at the Four Paths Police Station in Clarendon. 

She was charged with disorderly conduct following an altercation with a police officer. The teenager was fined $6000 or ten days imprisonment. However, the funds were not immediately forthcoming and during her time in custody, she was reportedly trimmed by a female officer.

Despite the police promising to investigate the matter, the issue has not gone down well with some members of the Rastafarian community, especially those in the entertainment field.

Reggae star Chronixx shared his views about the developing situation during an Instagram live video. “Mi hear people blame a police officer for cutting off a youth hair, I blame her and I hold her responsible but I can’t talk bout it because it is a legal matter for which the entire Constabulary Force will have to pay so I don’t want use Instagram as a thing to complicate the legal process,” he said.

Singer Tarrus Riley also took to Instagram where he expressed his indignation at the matter. “Right is right and wrong is wrong. In 2011 wtf is going ???. Everyone as right or just sum? The way people have sex is more important than this?? KMFT. What will be the outcome, who is responsible? Where is justice? Indecent language = Trimming a human being’s hair. This could not happen to certain group of ppl. right is right wrong is wrong,” he said.

Morgan Heritage also shared their views on the matter when they shared a video of the distressed female and her mother along with the caption “we received this yesterday and can’t believe how this is possible in 2021” the reggae group quipped on social media.

Meanwhile, dancehall artiste Spragga Benz labeled it as police brutality. “Police Brutality against Rasta…if dem ting ya make people angry… Imagine when force vaxing start,” he wrote.

The situation on a whole has drawn widespread condemnation from all corners of society as persons demand justice for the young nursing student.