Remembering Dennis Brown, the “Crown Prince of Reggae”

Dennis Brown was born on Orange Street in Kingston on this day in 1957.

Reggae legend Dennis Brown

Dubbed the “Crown Prince of Reggae”, Brown, who would have been 64 today, is a celebrated icon, being known as one of the most distinctive voices in the genre.

His three-decade career proved to be one of the most prolific, seeing the No Man Is an Island singer churning out more than 70 albums with his 1994 effort Light My Fire earning him a Grammy nomination.

The reggae crooner also sees his birthday shared by another significant celebration – the start of Reggae Month.

So impactful were his musical efforts that he even received the endorsement of reggae great Bob Marley, who many credit with being the first to call Brown the “Crown Prince”.

Brown died on July 1, 1999 after years of battling substance abuse.

Help us wish Dennis Emmanuel Brown a happy birthday, BUZZ fam!