ReniGAD says ‘Block Party’ video shows how J’cans are entertaining themselves during pandemic

Dancehall artiste ReniGAD says the music video for his Block Party track shows how Jamaicans are entertaining themselves now that there are restrictions on events.

Dancehall artiste ReniGAD

In the music video, which premiered on YouTube on Friday, the deejay is seen drinking and hanging out with his friends.

“The video depicts the energy of the song entirely, friends having a block party anywhere they are gathered so no big club or event needed for us to hold we vibes. Friends, liquor, music and girls and we good,” said ReniGAD (Formerly Renigade of RDX).

“The song and video is relatable to the average Jamaican especially now when we have so many COVID-19 restrictions for big events. The ‘Block Party’ concept is how we are entertaining ourselves and that’s why people love the song. It’s very real to them.”

The music video, which was shot in Tower Hill, Kingston 11, was directed by Posh Morris and DJ Franko for Ovation Lab.

Meanwhile, ReniGAD, who is still part of RDX, has embarked on a number of other solo projects. He has released other songs like Bag, Wire, My G and Gyallery.