Retirement? Usain Bolt says he is “just getting started”

Usain Bolt may be retired but the legendary sprinter wants the world to know he’s far from done.

Eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt

For all the people who counted him out, the eight-time Olympic champion had some words to share for them.

Bolt, dressed in a slick, patterned ‘fit, took his Twitter early Friday to share ‘When I retired they thought it was over.”

He continued, “They thought this is the last of seeing the country yute “BOLT”.

“Nobody told them I was born on GOAT Island”, dropping a Jamaican flag at the end. (For the over 35s, “GOAT” refers to ‘Greatest Of All Time’ not the mammal.)

The sprint double record holder added, “Finally they said!!! We no longer have to deal with him. Breaking News I am just getting started!!!!”

Bolt retired from athletics in 2017 after dominating the sport for a decade.

Since retirement, he has gone on to make some major business moves including the launch of his Bolt scooters and a partnership with Xoom.

The athlete recently addressed ‘badmind people’ from the set of a commercial being shot in the middle of the night in a mining quarry, no less.