Revellers demand refund as Carnival in Jamaica fallout continues

The fallout from the postponement of Carnival in Jamaica 2020 continues as disappointed revellers complain about the lack of a refund for the event.

A road march parade in Kingston, Jamaica. (Photo:

Initially scheduled for April this year, the event was postponed to an October date with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. However, with Jamaica’s COVID-19 cases climbing confirmed positives near 4,000, a decision was taken to reschedule it to April 2021.

Online users continue to direct their anger and frustration at the three bands, Xodus Carnival, Xaymaca International and Bacchanal Jamaica who said no refunds will be made, with payments deferred to next year’s staging.

A joint statement from the Carnival in Jamaica stakeholders said costume production was “far advanced” when the initial postponement was announced and that revenue from costume sales would have been put towards that.

Refund demand

One Twitter user said, “u know what it’s sad how u guys deal with this It would have being nicer if u came out with the truth that we all know was not possible and still not be possible in april so just give us the option to take part which ever year we want with the same costume”

Another added, “Unnu is a undisputed set ah tief! Yu mean to tell mi sey when everybody else siddung inna quarantine Unnu did ah sew costume?? Fi who? Fi wah?? Just sey Unnu tief wi money an dun man! Suh how much costume Unnu resell from di time an whe di money deh?? Kmt. Unnu disgusting like!”

Even as a third commented, “Far as I’m concerned Unnu gwine seh it forever postponed cause when April come roun and corona still deh bout, it aggo be another postponement fi unnu. Never a cancellation.”

One said the use of the term ‘postponement’ wasn’t accurate and that ‘cancellation’ would have been better since there would have already been a road march next year.

Up to yesterday, Jamaica had recorded has recorded 4,758 coronavirus cases and 60 deaths.