Rice and peas cooked in an oven? Chrissy Teigen shares her ‘Jamaican’ recipe

Chrissy Teigen

Rice and peas cooked in an oven? If you’re Jamaica reading this, accept our apologies. But its from a recipe, wife of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen was very proud to show off to her fans on Instagram.

She also shared a very detailed recipe for how this ‘Jamaican rice and peas’ it is done.

“Jamaican rice and peas! Yes it’s beans. And yes it’s called rice and peas. Ginger, garlic and allspice berries are wrapped in cheesecloth and steeped in hot coconut milk and red beans, for hours until the aroma fills the house and the beans are tender.

Then it’s poured over uncooked white rice, green onions, and cracked peppercorns, and finished in the oven for about 25 minutes. Don’t forget to toss a scotch bonnet pepper into the milk! Oven rice is pure, wholesome perfection and I’m currently fascinated by it. I’ll share on the site in the next couple of weeks!,” she wrote.

To her credit, Teigen basically got all the ingredients right, and there were Jamaicans like former beauty queen, and self-proclaimed home chef, Kaci Fennel praising her ingenious in the comment section.

Others, however, could not get over the method that was used to cook this baked….sorry, we mean ‘Jamaican rice and peas’.

“no girl. Wtf are you talking about? THIS IS NOT JAMAICAN RICE AND PEAS PERIODT,” one person commented.

“This looks good but it is not Jamaican rice and peas. I can send you the real recipe,” another person said.

And then there were those who offered to give Teigen some insights as to how it was done.

“Rice & peas is never made in the oven but I love you tried to put your own twist to it!,” one person commented.

The video has far received more than 4 million views on her page.