Richie Spice wants crime-free Jamaica for 2020

Richie Spice in Performance at the Reggae Month official launch at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 (Photo: Shorn Hector)

As Jamaica anticipates a new decade in a few days, reggae singer Richie Spice has only one wish for his country.

“What I really want to see from Jamaica is for people to come together and stand together because if we are united, we’re not gonna have any crimes and any violence,” he told BUZZ. “Once we stand together, anyone who sees anything a go start speak up and seh, ‘No that caan work’.”

His advocacy for oneness is reflected in his latest song, Together We Stand, which was produced by longtime collaborator Clive Hunt. Richie Spice recently debuted the song on the Unruly Fest stage in St Thomas, and even though his career spans over two decades, he admitted he was a bit nervous in delivering the new material. “I never get used to performing because it’s something that never stops and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done so it always give you a little nervousness before,” he shared. “You always have new people in the crowd and you want to present new music to the people and see the reaction of the people so that likkle feeling will always be inside.”

He is pleased with the feedback for the track since its release in October, adding, “We give thanks to know that the people ‘aprecilove’ the song so much, it’s really great.” Together We Stand will form part of the tracklist for Spice’s upcoming ninth album, which he hopes to release for VP Records in 2020.

A four-track EP dubbed World War is scheduled for release in January ahead of the album’s release. “The people have been waiting for that album for so long and it seems like right now it’s coming,” he said. “I’m currently recording music for the album, and we’re just going to be giving thanks on this project.”