Rick Ross shares his inner Jamaican

Rap star Rick Ross recently let the world know that he has some Jamaican in him, after he was heard conversing in the dialect.

The ‘Hustlin’ artiste was seen on a video where he seems to be hanging out at the event Caribbean Fest. It seems he was interacting with his entourage, which included some Jamaicans, based on background conversations.

“Shout out my yard ting this you dig, I am the big belly rude bwoy true ting dis. You know nutten bout B—oc–t bully beef you dig, you know nutten bout that” he said giving some insight that he knows something of Jamaican culture.

The Jamaican culture continues to have a big impact on the world and gets more notoriety when top stars like Rick Ross and others show their love for the culture.

Also of note is that it seems that the top rapper was vibing at the time to Teejay’s ‘Rags to Riches’ track while making the video.

This did not go unnoticed to the UpTop Boss, who shared a snippet of the video on his own Instagram account. He captioned it with “Rags to riches 20 million streams on YouTube, look out my album coming soon” he wrote.