Rihanna drops her first selfie for 2020, fans berate her for new music

Selfie game still on 10 but #TheNavy’s patience is running on empty, Rihanna! (Photo: Twitter @Rihanna)

You had a whole year, Rihanna, we are TIREDT!!

Pop superstar Rihanna reacquainted herself on social media, but her loyal fans are growing increasingly impatient for the hyped ninth album from the Barbadian singer.

Rihanna, who flexed with her first, make-up free selfie for 2020 on her Twitter and Instagram pages, was immediately hit with questions from #TheNavy about when the long-awaited album would be available.

The replies have been brutal and unrelenting, but Rihanna doesn’t seem phased by the desperation.

The songstress has been teasing the release of #R9 all of 2019, dropping a hilarious video in late December as fans hoped that the year wouldn’t end without new music from the artiste.

Those hopes died lonely and bitter as fans dragged Rihanna on New Year’s day for not delivering the follow-up to her hugely successful ANTI, released in 2016.

See some of the funniest replies to Rihanna tweet below:

As a loyal #Navy, Rihanna, I understand (I think). You had an amazing year with Fenty in fashion and make-up, but WE NEED MUSIC!

You know, looking at this selfie, I wonder if Bajans hold the same superstition that if you are mean in life you get a bump as punishment.

*zooms in* Yep, this is the universe telling ya to stop playing with us, Rihana! (Photo: Twitter @Rihanna)

Give us what we want, stop playing with our emotions! We love you, RiRi. xoxo