Rihanna is now a billionaire

Superstar Rihanna

Bajan superstar Rihanna has now entered the billionaire’s club. According to Forbes, Rihanna is now worth $1.7 billion, making her the wealthiest woman musicians.

The outlet attributes the majority of Rihanna’s wealth to the successful Fenty Beauty Brand which was launched in 2017. Rihanna reportedly has 50 per cent ownership in the company that is estimated to be worth at least $2.8 billion. This part-ownership accounts for as much as $1.4 billion of Rihanna’s $1.7 billion fortune.

Forbes estimated that Savage x Fenty accounts for $270 million, while the rest has been accumulated through music and film.

With her $1.7 billion fortune, Rihanna is the second wealthiest woman entertainer, behind Oprah.

And her fortune is expected to continue to grow. Rihanna recently announced the impending launch of her first Fenty Beauty perfume. Fenty Eau de Parfum, per CR Fashion Book, is designed to give wearers an aromatic blend of “spicy-meets-sweet” that calls to mind the cities Rihanna was inspired by when crafting the scent.

“I wanted a rich color that really represented all genders from across all walks of life,” Rihanna said of the packaging of the perfume, which launches next week. “Brown is my favorite color. Brown is who I am. Brown is what I come from. If I’m going to make a fragrance that represents me, even the body language of the bottle needs to marry that.”