Rihanna, cousin vibe to Popcaan’s music

International superstar, Rihanna

We think it’s quite obvious by now that Rihanna is a fan of dancehall artiste, Popcaan.

Not only did she use a line from one of his lesser-known songs as caption for the topless pic she used to break the internet recently, she also appears to just like vibing to his songs.

In a video that’s been making its rounds on social media, Rihanna is seen belting out the lyrics for Popcaan’s song Silence.

Rihanna who appeared to be at a small gathering with family members eagerly tries to get into her cousin’s snap as she sings; “Hard fi trust yuh enemy, hard fi trust yuh friend. Mi hah lie, mi love di family, but mi nuh trust di whol’ a dem.”

Hearing RiRi singing those patois lyrics so clearly will now give Jamaicans another reason to claim the Bajan superstar.