Romain Virgo finds inspiration for new song while watching his wife doing her makeup

Romain Virgo and wife, Elizabeth

Some men get annoyed when their partner takes too long to get her makeup done. But if you’re an artiste like Romain Virgo, then you take a more creative approach.

Virgo revealed in an Instagram post that he’s working on a new song, and the inspiration behind it comes from him watching his wife Elizabeth taking forever to do her makeup.

“This one is very close to my heart. On December 12, 2018, I was asking myself why does Liz take forever to get ready sometimes? On realizing that her MAKEUP is the part that is taking up most of her time.”

Virgo saw this as a perfect opportunity for him to seranade her about how beautiful she is, in and out of makeup.

“You take forever, to get ready/ I wonder why you always do that/ You spend forever, looking in the mirror/ I wonder why you always do that.

Say you’re trying to impress me/ You awalys impress me, and baby you don’t know that/ In and out of makeup/ and in the mornings when you wake up/ You’re still beautiful to me,” he sings.

Virgo accompanied the post with a touching tribute to not only his wife, but to all his beautiful female fans.

“The entire chorus describes what I’d want not just my wife, but every woman around the world to know. ‘In or out the makeup and in the mornings when you wake up, you’re still beautiful to me. Maybe you don’t like your hair but I don’t even care, you’re still beautiful to me.'”