Romeich helps families stock up on ‘coronavirus supplies’


Giving back, Romeich explain to BUZZ is something that he had always wanted to do because of his own experiences.

“I’ve been helping persons from me likkle until now and I do this because I know I wanted help as a business person and couldn’t get it and now I can help I try my best,” he said.

This is why he created “World Issues Live” a five day programme on his Instagram. Here, the producer and artiste manager offers assistance to people who are in need.

On the first night (Thursday) Romeich told BUZZ that he gave away a total of $90 thousand. He said he takes ten calls each night and is able to fill each request with the help of his team at Romeich Entertainment.

“I don’t have value to add to what I am giving away just help each night as best as I can. I have a great team that is helping as well and people have started to reach out to me and send donations,” he said.

And as Jamaica grapples with the effects of the coronavirus, Romeich believes entertainers should step up and offer assistance where they can.

“It is good for everyone that can give back give. It doesn’t have to be just entertainers but there are big in media face and everyone look up to them so good for them to do so,” he said.