Romeich goes down memory lane as he celebrates son’s birthday

Artiste manager Romeich Major has gone down memory lane with pictures as he wished his son, Xzander, a happy birthday.

Romeich and baby Xzander take a nap. (Photo: Instagram – Romeich Major)

On the weekend, Romeich gave his son a surprise visit in Florida to spend his birthday with him. They having been hanging out together and they even spent time at the Hardrock Hotel in Florida.

And on the morning of the birthday, the entrepreneur shared many photos of baby Xzander while expressing his love. Eight of the 10 photos were of the teenager as a toddler. The two other photos were taken on the weekend.

“Happy bday to my favourite person in the world me big son @xtramajorr love you so much my son me no need to say nun you and world know I love you and love you endlessly just gwaan big up your self on 14th bday,” he said in an Instagram post on Monday.

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Romeich wasn’t the only person showing Xzander love, as he received many well-wishes from his dad’s friends and fans.

“Jeez..time fly tho….happy bday to your Big Man,” singer Ce’Cile said.

“Oh gosh man, talk about copy and paste!!! Happy Birthday Xzander,” Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques added.

There were also people offering Romeich some tips.

“Kids are our greatest joy. Making us parents at a young age and instilling responsibility we never knew we had!! Love him with all you have and you will reap the reward by seeing him growing into a young man who makes you proud !! Happy birthday to your baby,” one person said.