Royal Blu and Jaz Elise give a stellar start to MoDA Music 2019

Under its second staging, MoDA Music kicked off night one of its series of entertainment activities, on Friday, November 22 at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston with mesmerizing performances.

MoDA Music is the newest baby that has been added to the MoDA family. It was conceived a year ago when the creative house embarked on a fruitful partnership with New Wave JA.

Royal Blu took charge of the stage at MoDA Music on Friday (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

The Collection MoDA did this primarily to bolster and expand their audience reach and to provide young, talented creatives with a platform to showcase their potential.

Dozens of patrons filled the venue and were welcomed by pulsating beats from the DJ. Patrons were caught unwinding and enjoying the convivial atmosphere.

Ain’t a party if it’s not captured on the ‘gram. (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

The event featured two of Jamaica’s talented vocalists. Hailing from the Spanish Town area, widely known for his consistent lyrical delivery, Sean-Micheal Francis, known by his stage name, Royal Blu, was one of two performers for the night.

Royal Blu demonstrated his lyrical prowess to the delight of the audience. (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

Turning the house upside was a simple task for him as he was highly favoured by the audience and in particular, the females who were head over heels for the “Woman” artiste.

He shared the stage with two upcoming stars who go by the names Runkus and Ras-I who did not disappoint, as the crowd was jamming to their soothing lyrics.

(Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

To even the playing field, patrons were treated to an enchanting performance by Jaz Elise. Closing off the night, the purple-haired artiste through her interactive superpowers aided by her sweet tone had the audience glued to her vocals.

Jaz Elise brought her soothing vocals much to the delight of patrons. (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

Lindsey Lodenquai, Creative Director at New Wave Ja told BUZZ that the selection of the fresh, trendy and vibrant musicians was deliberate to offer an opportunity to young creatives who are synonymous with the New Wave brand.

“I think it’s an amazing collaboration and I think it’s very beautiful to mix music with the market.”

— Royal Blu

“The platform for New Wave really is to…highlight the super talent that we have here in Jamaica and the young people who we have chosen, I think tells what New Wave is. The fresh, bold and…trendy people who are.. talented as well,” she said.

Royal Blu sharing his experience lauded the partnership between MoDA and New Wave for creating a unique space exclusively for musicians.

Jazz Elise (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

“I think it’s an amazing collaboration and I think it’s very beautiful to mix music with the market and people just walking around holding a vibe is amazing,” he told BUZZ.

Kim Friez, a patron, says she was delighted by both the performers who showcased their own distinctive elements.

“It was wonderfully organised, and I love how everyone came out full of their products. Both artistes came out with their energies,” she said blissfully.