Rumours dem spreading: Denyque says she isn’t getting ‘bun’

Ever since singer Denyque released Proud Wifey in 2016, she said there have been rumours that her partner is being unfaithful to her.


The singer, who got married to Careem Mullings on New Year’s Day in 2017, explained that the song wasn’t inspired by a personal experience, but many people assumed that it was.

“From Proud Wifey come out, mi husband a give me bun. Him neva did a give me bun before Proud Wifey enuh, but from Proud Wifey, him a give me bun… They are taking the song literally,” Denyque told Spice during a recent appearance on Magnum Hub TV’s Spice It Up.

She further noted that the song was actually written by fellow singer Shaneil Muir after she did another track called Proud Side Chick.

In Proud Wifey, Denyque sings that she does not want to be a side chick and that the woman on the side should not “hype wid yuh likkle one touch”. She also expresses a preference for being the number one woman in the man’s life.

And as the ‘Spice It Up’ episode progressed, Denyque explained that she won’t “swear” that she isn’t being cheated on.  

“Mi nuh know if him a give me bun cause I am not swearing for no man,” she said. “And I don’t want him to swear for me either because at the end of the day we are human beings.”

As for the rumours of infidelity, Denyque mostly ignores the comments on social media because she said they are being made by people she does not know.