Runkus’ ‘5Gs’ is the super collab of the summer…yes, I said it

(From left) Reggae acts Kabaka Pyramid, Royal Blu, Jesse Royal, Runkus and Munga Honorable all-star in the fresh 5Gs music video, out today. (Photo: Twitter @TheRoyalBlu)

Jamaican reggae artiste Runkus has come out swinging in his latest single, 5Gs, and is tackling some of the biggest issues in the country with the help of fellow acts Munga Honorable, Jesse Royal, Kabaka Pyramid and Royal Blu.

The official music video, which premiered on Thursday (July 30), could easily be the biggest thing this summer next to Koffee’s runaway Lockdown hit.

Not sure why a star-studded video with these five Rastafarian musical geniuses was never done before, but nothing before it’s time, BUZZ fam.

Please forgive me for not learning of you sooner, Runkus. It’ll never happen again.

“Check unno self, before unno wreck unno self, doh be reckless. Depend on yuh medz, doh depend on yuh meds, dat di health check. Look in yuh self if yuh know di word and di sentence…Supreme Ventures represent and dat a di best bet,” Runkus starts, off to a flier.

“Lionheart mi a chant all night, install 5G, couldn’t block my light. Still a call pon di Lord all day, nah cry. Price fi di change might cost my life,” he adds.

Awash with imagery from across Jamaica, Runkus’ positivity-laden track is bound to gain traction and it wouldn’t be hard to see why.

More impressively, Runkus, born Romario Bennett, mixed and mastered this track by himself. It would be remiss of me to let it slip by that Runkus was also lead producer and songwriter for 5Gs—talk about a man with boundless talent!

Each collaborator brought their signature style to 5Gs, which effortlessly makes the single a must-have on your summer playlists.

In the words of Jesse Royal, “It might cost my life, but mi nah stop till dem all pay di price. It might cost my life, but mi nah stop till di people get wise.”

The self-proclaimed Small Axe continues to chop away in the heavy-hitting track, as Jesse Royal called out local politicians for peddling repeated promises, all the while lining their own pockets.

“Heads a govament a mek big speech, designer suit but dem still cheap. Late night inna bed a buil’ tweet and still nah mention all di yutes dem a ill-treat. Until dem buil’ a clinic fi wi sick needs, well lyrical, mi a sing fi it. Small axe still a chop big tree. From di a.m. to di p.m. to di MP,” Jesse Royal sings.

It’s a lot to unpack from the three-minute, 48-second track, BUZZ fam, but arguably Royal Blu delivers the cleanest lines.

Enough analysis, check out the video for yourself, and tell us what you think: