Runkus talks ‘5Gs’, hopes for reggae’s mainstream domination worldwide and more

Runkus gives BUZZ the 4-1-1 on his latest moves, ‘5Gs’ and future music. (Photo: Facebook @RunkusOldSkl)

Rising reggae artiste Runkus is still on a high following the release of the star-studded collaboration 5Gs, promising fans even greater musical creativity to come.

In an interview with BUZZ, Runkus, born Romario Bennett, broke down the idea behind the thought-provoking single. He explained that the track takes an introspective and societal look at the role of technology, politics, among other issues.

“The inspiration behind 5Gs and mainly all my music is to make people think! [To try and] conjure up some form of thought or idea to people where they may seek some knowledge within themselves of themselves…and how better to do that than team up with 5Gs?” he began, adding that the title was intentional in a time where the next-generation technology is shrouded in conspiracy. 

“The overall message to me is mainly to think… a lot is going in the world and a lot is going on internally as well. The overall message is to pay attention to yourself and how you’re reacting to the situations around [you],” Runkus added.

According to the singjay, 5Gs was written in just over a week, which left Runkus with ample time to produce the instrumentals, mix and master the single with ease.

Runkus (right) performs alongside ‘5Gs’ collaborator Royal Blu at the 2019 MoDa x NEW WAVE concert. (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

“The beat was made/produced by me, and the song was mixed and mastered by me as well with the help of additional ears (secret for now, will be revealed soon). To be honest, I’m not all to be praised…the artistes all wrote and recorded in a record time! No lie, in the space of a week, everyting was recorded in full,” he told BUZZ.

Visuals for the positivity-laden track were recorded in sections of Gordon Town, St Andrew; the capital Kingston; as well as Portmore, St Catherine, by drone for added effect.

Featuring the likes of Royal Blu, Munga Honorable, Kabaka Pyramid and Jesse Royal, Runkus’ 5Gs is easily a BUZZ-worthy contender for ‘song of the summer’. Check out our review below:

Friday, August 14 is the date scheduled for 5Gs‘ commercial release on all major streaming platforms, the Jamaican said.

In the meantime, Runkus noted that, like other artistes, the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected his ability to work and tour; but he remains committed to music, his first love since the age of seven.

Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ

“The COVID-19 situation has impacted a lot of people globally and I want to send out a lot of love to those affected directly, indirectly, financially, emotionally, etc. My team and I have been ‘upful’; however, [we’re] trying to reconcile and make the best plans going forward. We had shows scheduled that fell through based on travel but a lot came in based on the need for love and music in these times as well,” he said.

The proud Campionite, born to father Rohan ‘Determine’ Bennett, and who boasts having dancehall running through his veins, further told BUZZ that 5Gs is part of a bigger project he hopes to release “very soon”.

Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ

“Tbh, all my Gs (supports) should gear up for a lot! Def projects coming out this year,” he assured.

Runkus showered professional praises on his fellow 5Gs collaborators and spoke briefly on his aspirations to work with other world-renowned musicians, producers too.

“Other than 5Gs, I actually [have a] couple songs with all these artists differently for my individual projects and theirs too. I would def love to collab with some international acts such as John Mayer, Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, J Cole, Anderson Paak, Post Malone (he’s pretty musical), Drake, Hiatus Kaiyote, Lauryn Hill, etc. Not to mention some great producers,” he told BUZZ.

While 5Gs gets rotation, Runkus said that he remains grounded and humble, hoping that the message of the single reaches far and wide.

Photo: Facebook @RunkusOldSkl

“I try my best not to have too many expectations in life other than just greatness and success and overall love and for the music and message to reach as much hearts and souls as possible,” he shared.

“Expectations for [5Gs] is that it’s a staple in Jamaican history regarding this whole time ‘cause musicians and entertainers are the true historians of the world. I hope it gets all that it deserves and strengthens each individual that put dem heart and soul in it!” Runkus added.