Rvssian defends Shenseea over claims she ‘sold her soul’

Producer Rvssian

Popular music producer, Rvssian wants to know how someone sells their soul.

Rvssian was having fun trolling the people who are accusing dancehall sensation Shenseea of selling her soul after the video for her single Run Run premiered. The video features a scene in which Shenseea, wearing devil horns and all is seen lowering her male interest into hell.

Since its release this particular scene has rubbed a lot people the wrong way, and they’ve since labelled it as “satanic”.

Rvssian, who is friends with the dancehall star and is responsible for producing her crossover hit Blessed got wind of the talk, and decided to voice his opinion on it.

“They say people sell them soul. But how much do these type of things go for? and is a store or what? Mi confuse,” he tweeted.

But on a more serious note, Rvssian appealed to people to not judge.

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“I praise God and have given all my success and credit to him. He’s the first, but if you guys are so godly. No one can say I have ever disrespected the lord but didn’t the Bible say Matthew 7 – Do not judge.. do u know the rest ? but you guys are more holy than we are – look into ya self,” he said while chastising the critics for being open to that kind of imagery in other forms of entertainment.

“And please. I want all you hypocrites to stop watch horror movies and gun violent songs with evil lyrics,” he tweeted.

He also shared a clip from Shenseea’s video on his Instagram where he assured his followers that there was no hidden agenda in the video.

“RUN RUN from all negative 🔥 it’s only a music video 😉,” he wrote.

Since its release four days ago, Run Run has already amassed more than two million views on YouTube. It is also currently number one on trending.