Ryan Mark has mixed feelings about his new look

Gospel artiste and pastor Ryan Mark has never been more appreciative of the face mask than now. The deejay recently bid farewell to his facial hair but is not sold on the look.

Ryan Mark before the big chop.

“Yuh eva tek a test trial fi something yet and yuh cya wait for di trial up?” he recently asked Instagram followers. “Mi cya wait til dis ya trial up because truth be told, I look better bearded so for those saying, ‘I prefer you this way’… unno lying… it does not look better… The good thing is that mask a wear.”

Mark revealed that he struggled with growing facial hair as a teenager, and even had to employ the services of a makeup artist to draw a moustache when he had his first album shoot in 2005. Needless to say he was overjoyed when his facial hair started growing, and he really had no intentions of starting anew. But hey, the world is facing a pandemic, life is short and why not try something new.

Fans also reacted strongly when dancehall artiste Popcaan chopped off his signature locs to debut a more clean-cut look recently.

Similar to social media users saying Popcaan’s trim makes him look younger, Mark said he’s been told that he now looks like a high schooler.

“To be honest with you, mi feel like mi look like a 16-50 or 16-60, mi cya understand it. It’s like mi look old and mi look young at the same time…” he said. “The good thing about it is mi wife look at me and seh, ‘bwoy Ryan you look like Obama, you look like Denzel Washington’. Of course you know seh dem man deh a nuh simple man but you know a di wife, she cya tell you nothing else, she haffi tell yuh the good things…

“When I look at myself mi a seh Jah know mi coming like Harrison Ford inna Fugitive. You know like when the man break free from prison, and him go shave off the whole a him face fi change up him identity? Mi just feel like mi a hide from somebody… When mi look even close pon mi face and mi see certain likkle baby fat mi a seh Jah know, yuh look like one a dem man deh weh just siddung and a drink rum… mi look like a politician…is a real big man look…”

BUZZ fam, are you feeling this new look?