Samsung launches three new Galaxy S20 Phones

The S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra. (Photo: Samsung)

It’s that time of the year. The next BIG things are here. Samsung just unveiled the new Galaxy S20 trio. The Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra showcase Samsung’s vision for the new decade.

Galaxy S20, S20 plus, and S20 Ultra all side by side with a graphic image of paint in water across all three displays

Just as the leaks suggest, we got three new Galaxy S phones from Samsung. The official devices look every bit as shiny as the leaks suggested. Tech breaches aside let’s delve into the specs that make the S20 series Samsung’s most compelling phones to date.

Upgraded cameras

The cameras are arguably the most significant upgrades. Both the Galaxy S20 and S20+ both have 10MP front-facing cameras. There are also 12MP Ultra-wide, 12MP wide-angle and 64MP telephoto cameras on the backs. Samsung added a has a new DepthVision camera system to the S20+ for portrait shots.

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Now let’s look at the Ferrari of the line-up. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is blessed with a 40MP front-facing shooter and a peculiar quad-camera setup on the back. Instead of a mere 12MP for the primary camera, Samsung crammed a monstrous 108MP wide-angle camera onto the device.

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Users can shoot massive 108MP stills or opt for crisper 12MP shots. The Ultra does this by fusing up to nine pixels into one for a sharper 12MP image using nona-binning technology. Other cameras include a 12Mp ultra-wide, a 48MP telephoto and a DepthVision sensor.

All three phones have 5G modems.

While the S20 and S20+ have impressive 30x zooms, the S20 Ultra takes it to a whole new level. Using folded lenses, Samsung gave the S20 Ultra up to 100x zooming capabilities. That’s perfect for… sightseeing. Each device has larger camera sensors to let in more light at night.

Video capabilities

On the video side, all the S20 devices shoot 8K video. Let that sink in. When shooting 8K video, users can choose a frame from the video to save as a high-resolution image. Additionally, “Single Take” mode allows users to capture photos and videos from multiple cameras at once. The improved AI then shows your collection of slow motion, Live Focus, Ultra-Wide or other shots for you to select.

Galaxy S20 Ultra seen from the front in landscape mode with a city skyline onscreen. The sun in the sky is half on the display and half outside the display to show how the all day battery can outlast your day

Processing software, storage

Powering all this cutting-edge camera tech is either a Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 990 chipset. The S20 and S20+ come with 12GB RAM with new LPDDR5 technology for faster processing. The S20 Ultra comes with either 12 or a whopping 16GB of RAM.

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While the S20 only comes with a maximum of 128GB of storage, the S20+ and S20 Ultra are available with up 512GB of flash storage goodness. Coupled with a microSD card, the two, more expensive variants can have combined storage of 1.5TB. Those aren’t the only improvements.


All the S20 phones have massive screens. The S20 has a 6.2-inch display, with the S20+ rocking a 6.7-inch screen. Once again, the S20 Ultra tops the list with a 6.9-inch monster. All three devices have Quad HD+ displays at 3200 x 1440 resolution.

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All three phones have massive screens. (Photo: GSM Arena)

Following last year’s trend, the new phones are HDR10+ certified. Samsung included 120Hz displays. That means the screen refreshes twice as fast as the S10 and Note10 phones. That translates to a smoother UI experience. The higher refresh rate will benefit gaming.

Battery life

With all the screen improvements, I am happy Samsung packed larger batteries into the new devices. S20 phones have 4000mAh batteries with the S20+ and S20 Ultra packing 4500 and 5000mAh respectively. Bigger cells should mean longer battery life; however, the higher refresh rates might negate the extra power within.

5G Compatibility

All three S20 variants are 5G ready. Last year, Samsung made unique, 5G versions of the S10 and Note10, respectively. These new phones are the first, full 5G capable, flagship devices from Samsung.


Just as expected, the new, 5G capable, 8K shooting Galaxy phones are quite expensive. The S20 starts at US$999, while the S20+ comes in at US$1,199. Of course, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has the ultra-high price tag of US$1,399. All the devices will be available starting March 6.