Sasique tackles domestic crime

Hearing a song that denounces crimes against women isn’t new, but one you can dance to? Not so much.

Sasique is adding her perspective to the domestic crimes sweeping the nation in her spunky track Lend Him It.

The single and accompanying music video see Sasique standing up to a possessive partner, who is threatening her life for wanting to move on. While he argues that he owns her lady parts, Sasique makes it known that it was only loaned to him for the duration of their relationship.

It’s a risky approach to the topic but folks are eating it up.

“The feedback has been great,” Sasique told BUZZ. “I didn’t expect males to love it like how they love it. I thought they would bash the song because remember we a seh a lend we lend him it and you know most men always a seh a own dem own it so I’m getting a great response from the males. The females love the song too so we’re getting love from both genders.”

The song, produced by her Rude Gyal Music label, was conceptualised last year during a conversation with fellow artiste Stylex about exploring topics in an engaging way.

“Too much killing was going on with the females and still is, and most of the stories was the man spend pon har, send har go a school and she diss the man or she lef the man,” she said. “We were saying look how the man dem a kill off the females dem and dem nuh own nobody… If you really check it out, if we’re in a relationship and we’re gonna break up, I can’t take off my parts and leave it with you, I have to bring it. At the end of the day if yuh spend a million dollars…you was just keep and caring it until we decide to part so when we’re gonna part now nuh badda waan kill mi fi mines, is my own.”

She added, “We wanted it to sound fun. We’re speaking about the violence yes, but people can sing along with it. Most of the songs that people do about violence are good but really and truly yuh cya really sing along with it, yuh can just listen it… We wanted to reach everybody’s ears… We just want it to be universal.”

The song was teased on her social media in November and attracted various DM testimonies, concretising its timeliness. It was also featured in a recent episode of Dance Xpressionz’s hit series The Bartender, where Sasique’s acting skills were also on display.