‘Saucy’ EP debut for Kemar Highcon

Rising dancehall artiste, Kemar Highcon had fans enraptured on Tuesday, February 11, for the debut of his EP, Sauce is Forever.

It was a full house for the ‘Sauce Boss” EP listening party. (Photo: Destinee Condison/BUZZ

 The album listening party was held at the MECA Lounge in Marketplace, St. Andrew.

With seven captivating tracks, the EP is the 29-year-old musician’s latest body of work. It reveals a fresh and exciting new sound in the music industry, from an artist determined to leave his musical imprint locally and internationally.

Kemar ‘Sauce Boss’ Highcon had a captive audience for his EP debut. (Photo: Destinee Condison/BUZZ

The tracks include: Calling My NameCome For MeRun Di RoadFollowersRegardlessTalk Bout and his breakout hit So Saucy.

Upon entry, the first one hundred patrons were given a pair of silent headphones allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the seven-track production.

Industry stars including Agent Sasco were out to support the rising dancehall artiste for his listening party. (Photo: Destinee Condison/BUZZ)

In an interview with BUZZ, the “Sauce Boss” driven by his personal experiences, said his EP release is a way of connecting with others to stay positive and driven towards their goals.

Titled ‘Sauce Forever’, Kemar Highcon said the EP is a source of self-motivation. (Photo: Destinee Condison/BUZZ)

“Sauce Forever is a centre of self-motivation. It puts you in a frame of mind and remembrance of what you need to be and how you need to be in life,” he told BUZZ.

It was all good vibes for ‘Sauce Forever’. (Photo: Destinee Condison/BUZZ)

“My music and style of delivery are just all about the sauce. I am very excited about the release of my first body of work and I appreciate it and the love and support I have been receiving,” he added.

You have my full attention. (Photo: Destinee Condison/BUZZ)

Surrounded by the love of numerous established artists, the reigning queen of dancehall, Spice, said she is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Kemar on his So Saucy remix while imploring him to continue to ride the waves.

“It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the remix. The song was already saucy, but yuh know wid likkle spice it even more saucy-er.”

— Spice, dancehall entertainer

“It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the remix. The song was already saucy, but yuh know wid likkle spice it even more saucy-er. It’s really a real pleasure. Just continue gwaan do the ting, yuh know how di ting go,” she told BUZZ.

Grammy-award winning entertainer, Shaggy, who played a pivotal role in the restructuring of Kemar’s hit song “So Saucy” said he is proud to witness and be a part of Kemar’s ascension to fame and believes he has the potential to do very well in the industry.

‘Mr Boombastic’ was on hand for the EP launch after playing a pivotal role in the young entertainer’s continued ascension to fame in the industry. (Photo: Destinee Condison/BUZZ)

“He certainly has the potential to do it. He has an incredible work ethic and always nice to people. What you saw in there tonight with people coming out and showing love is because people genuinely just like him as an artist and that is one of the main things. You can be one of the biggest stars in the world, but unless you’re nice to people you can only be successful,” he told BUZZ.

The trio reunited for a live performance of the So Saucy remix. (Photo: Destinee Condison/BUZZ)

“The remix was easy. The song was a massive record anyway. I just think we just extended the life of it and me and Spice come up with sumn. Me and Spice did already have a vibe with it and I brought it to her and she came with her energy and it kinda just take di place,” he added.