Savage shows off new house, urges artistes to make smart investments

Savage urges young artistes to make smart investments

Dancehall entertainer Savage grew up in Grants Pen, St Andrew in a tiny one-bedroom board structure. Today, however, the artiste is proud to reveal that he is the owner of several homes in Jamaica and the United States.

In a post to his official Instagram account on Tuesday, the Whining Work deejay showed off the inside of a two-bedroom structure pointing out that the home was “way better than a Benz”. 

In an interview with BUZZ, Savage said he decided to show off his purchase as a motivation for young artistes. He expressed that oftentimes, entertainers get caught up in the industry ‘hype’ and forget that investments are key to their survival outside of the music business. 

“This is kinda like a lead by action type a move. Mi wah the youth dem inna music right now weh a make money fi think investments. Nuff a dem just a think Hennessy and flossing. Dem a sing bout the big rides but dem nah think beyond that,” he said. “When yuh really look at things, yuh can’t sleep inna ur vehicle and yuh can’t live inna somebody else apartment forever. Mi rather have me houses and den get cars. And mi affi always remember say the music thing nuh really certain so mi affi set a certain foundation.”

Mi wah the youth dem inna music right now weh a make money fi think investments.


Savage revealed that prior to his real estate investments, he lived in a rented apartment for three years. He said the monthly lease at that residence was 100k. After assessing his overall expenditure, the artiste said it made more sense to get his own dwelling. 

“When mi look pan how much money spend over the three years, I was like, this coulda did invest inna me own house. Mi just decide say me ago put me thing together and do dat,” he shared.

Savage says he is looking forward to setting up at least two of the houses as Air BnB accommodations as he seeks to gain some returns on his investments.