Saweetie addresses Birkin backlash: “I come to entertain”

Quavo and Saweetie (Photo: Getty Images)

The Internet spent much of the past week discussing Birkin bags, thanks to Saweetie saying women don’t need a man who’s not buying them the costly luxury item.

Well, she had a bit more to add to that Instagram Live statement when she spoke to Power 106 Los Angeles with Bryhana.

“Get her a purse, get her some jewellery—of course, according to your tax bracket.”

– Saweetie

Saweetie, who’s dating Quavo, one third of the Migos rap group, said she’s an entertainer and “I come to entertain”.

“So that was an entertaining comment. Like Jay-Z says at the end of Ignorant Shit, he goes, ‘It’s only entertainment,’ and then he does this little evil laugh,” she said. “I was having a good time, promoting Back to the Streets. And, you know, I’m popping my shit for my girls. But I feel like a Birkin symbolises a gift of value.”

“But what comes along with being valued?” Saweetie continued. “It comes with a healthy relationship. It comes with communication. It comes with getting gifts. It comes with being spoiled, because at the end of the day, we create life … Women are magical creatures and we deserve to be treated like a queen. So that’s what I meant by that statement … A Birkin is symbolic. Get her a purse, get her some jewellery—of course, according to your tax bracket. I don’t want you to clean out your savings to try to keep up with social media or society … It was a quick comment that represents how I feel women should be treated, which is showered with gifts, OK?”